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Obama: Pete Buttigieg Is Too Short to Be President



New in PJ Media:

A new book has come out revealing that in 2020, Barack Obama took in all the hype about the rising Democrat star, “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg, the “gay Obama,” and came up with a blunt assessment: he was too short to be president. While that is undeniably true, there is an awful lot more about Pete Buttigieg that shows he is unfit to be president, but it’s unlikely that Barack Obama is ever going to be the one to tell us about it.

The Washington Free Beacon noted that Buttigieg is “5 foot 8 inches tall at most,” but also observed that there is a “curious lack of information about Buttigieg’s height available on the world wide web.” So it is with so many things: what used to be the information superhighway is turning into the Left’s propaganda distribution center, with information that the Leftist political and media elites don’t want you to know increasingly difficult or downright impossible to find. Buttigieg’s height matters, but not in a way that is advantageous to him, and so it’s an extremely obscure bit of information.

Those who are skeptical about the importance of Buttigieg’s lack of stature should note the fact that the Free Beacon points out, that “every single commander in chief since William McKinley (1897-1901) has been at least 5 foot 9 inches tall.” And not only that: since the advent of television, the taller candidate has prevailed in every presidential election until 2000 and 2004, when George W. Bush (6’0″) beat Al Gore (6’1″) and John Kerry (6’4″), and 2020, when the 6’0” Joe Biden defeated the 6’3” Donald Trump. Hmm. If you’re thinking what I’m thinking about that last one, just remember that there is absolutely zero, none, zip, nada evidence of it, and you’re a terrible person, indeed, an “insurrectionist,” if you dare to suspect otherwise.

The height issue has long been vexing for presidential politicians. Back in 1988, the George H. W. Bush campaign ridiculed the camp of the pint-sized Democratic candidate Michael Dukakis for wanting a step stool behind his podium during the debates, so that he would appear to be about as tall as Bush. The diminutive Democrat lost resoundingly, although his far-Left policies, including a notorious softness regarding hardened criminals, likely contributed more to his defeat than his short stature.

In Buttigieg’s case, New York magazine correspondent Gabriel Debenedetti writes in his book The Long Alliance that Obama “had actually been impressed by the brains, charisma, and chutzpah of the thirty-something mayor of a small midwestern city.” That in itself calls into question Obama’s judgment, but Debenedetti adds that “Obama just doubted it would all add up to viability in a presidential campaign where image and fame mattered immensely—he thought Buttigieg was too short and, as a former volunteer for Obama in 2008, seemed too young—and where such a large field would make breaking through that much harder.”

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