Nigerians have criticized Jaruma, a prominent therapist, after she disclosed a private conversation she had with James Brown.


After James Brown allegedly slung shade at her on Instagram, Jaruma was reportedly obliged to reveal their chat.

James Brown praised Jaruma for the potency of her goods in screenshots she uploaded on social media.

He pleaded with her to provide him with a product that would protect him from those who would harm him.
He also asked for Jaruma’s ‘blue eyes’ charm, insisting that he believed in its effectiveness.

According to James Brown,

“Good evening ma. am a fan. I love your work. Pls I need your help. I will have love to talk to you on the phone. If you don’t mind.

Ma pls I need help o. Am actually scared. I need protection. Ma pls I want your blue eye. I believe in it. I want it like mad”.