Seun Kuti has spoken out against Nigerians who make cultism and the gangster lifestyle appear cool and attractive to the youths.


Everyone wants to be a gangster, according to the artist, but they overlook that there are young people observing and learning from them. He also inquired about Nigeria’s response to cults in the country.

Part of his post read: “Is this when we decide to rise up against cults all over this country or we just wanna do the usual,”

Seun Kuti calls on Nigerians to rise against

See reactions:

eldeethedon: This is the question me I’ve been asking o

vectorthaviper: Too many of the younger ones need sensitization… even the older ones wey sense dey on vacation for their head.

iam_access_nation: And the funny part of it all is that many of u writing #justiceforsylvester is guilty of this crime all cos ur same peoples that gave birth to that same children that form cultists to bully this innocent child to death….u all failed as a parent 😢😢😢

dalabian19: The funny be say almost everybody in this country na cult 😂

kingbaz.ojora: At ijora presently, heard their scores is now 30 to 30. The count might be an exaggeration thou but they’re truly killing themselves in the name of black and blue boys forgetting they are all brothers from same hood😢

ann.bob.scarafia: heavy🔝

hortunbaray: Exactly …..I thought of this too , when too celebrity would be promoting cultism , forgetting Youngies are looking up to them as role models. Smh

warri_warrior: It’s about that time, who cult help

baterenglory: Na wizkid nd burna get this sub or waytin

rehjee1: I know a little boy not more than ten whose life ambition is to join one cult group. He lives in the Jakande axis of the island where a lot of the grown ups are gangsters