Aminu Masari, the governor of Katsina State, has encouraged Nigerians to be ready to battle the bandits plaguing the country. 

Masari told reporters that locals should do all possible to safeguard their community from attacks. 

He stated that telephone services in the impacted areas would be restored soon. The restriction was recently abolished by the state government in 10 of the 17 local government areas.

He said: “We must prepare to fight back as individuals; to fight the bandits because they are evil and represent evil.


“By God’s grace we will not handover this country to the next generation of leaders under this condition. We must restore normalcy”,

According to the Chairman of the Northern Governors’ Forum after a meeting of the Governors in Kaduna on September 27, 2021, moving authority to the south does not contradict the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in any regard.

He added: “I am a member of the Northern Governors’ Forum. But let me make my position very clear. This constitution is made for us and not us for the constitution. Yes the constitution did not say you must shift or rotate power. So, If you do, does that mean you have violated the Constitution? If you collectively decide to elect a president from any part of this country, have you violated the constitution?”

“I still believe as a principle not as a law that until such a time when we have a stable politics, I think rotation or shifting power from time to time will help to consolidate our federation. I support it. So, I still maintain my stand.

“This is my personal opinion as a person which I think that the constitution you have mentioned has given me the right to make that comment. That’s why I said in my capacity as Aminu Bello Masari,”