Nigerian actress and adult entertainment executive, Seyi Hunter has opined that Nigerian women are now open about explicit and adult content like p0rn.


Speaking to Kemi Filani news in an interview, Seyi Hunter claim at ffirst, Nigerian women were hypocritical but in this day and age, women orientation about s3x and p0rn have changed.

She said: “Yes before, our women were hypocritical, but it’s 2021 women are now open and forthcoming about pornography, sex and all kinds sexual experiments”.

Asked if the state of the economy has affected the adult entertainment business she said: “Nigeria is just 35% of my market, the economy hasn’t affected my adult business one bit. No matter how broke people are they’will still put something in their mouth, it’s the same with our business, people use it to relieve stress”.

On whether she will be tying the knot in 2022, Hunter said: “It’s in the hands of God, I want to focus solely on Nollywood, then continue to grow my businesses. My career will always come first, second and third. But like I said, it’s in the hands of God”.