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Nigerian lady gives husband expensive gifts everyday until his birthday (Watch video)



A Nigerian woman has raised the bar up to a considerably high level by surprising her husband with an array of gifts in the countdown to his birthday.

She started giving him gifts days before he turned a new age and she did that everyday until his birthday reached.

The lady captured her husband’s reaction each time she presented him with something different.

The gifts include a bracelet, boxes of shoe, clothes, wine, new iPhone, MacBook and a host of other items.

Each time he received something, the man expressed amazement with few words of exclamation.

In the video she posted, her hubby decided to try on some of the outfits he received, but his wife was not done as she kept giving him new ones.

At some point, he felt the need to appreciate her and took her by the hand for them to go inside, then she playfully retorted; Help me Help me, dey don dey carry me go where I no know’

Watch the video below:

Read some comments below..

@LotannaDinho; While I was gifted 3 pairs of boxers and a black singlet. And even forced me to smile too.

@preciousagbolu; Women actually gift men.. if a woman loves you, you’ll know that she has airtime, transport fare, and money.

@Made_In_Waffi; He wan go give her one round before dem go out, the thing don too much..😂🤣

@theprincemadu; Gifting is intentional. She probably has been planning this for months. But one lady will come and write “a king was born…” Intentional women/men >>>>

@Flo4Keeps; He is so confused when the 3rd gift came through😭but he chose to play along🤣

@TheMayowaa; Just kept saying wow. Didn’t know how to react, E no Dey used to receiving gifts 😂…… men dey suffer lol

@Chineduamar; Madam is sowing in her next birthday, maybe an SUV on return, as she is just the raise the bar, if you don’t get it.. forget it

@NBennymart; Awwww 🥰. everyone deserves to Be loved and appreciated. It makes me happy seeing Women who do this for their spouse.. because majority just want to receive and not reciprocate.