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Nigerian lady fired from job in UK for saying ‘I’m strong’ when she was sick



A Nigerian lady has reportedly lost her job in the United Kingdom after sending a message which was misunderstood by her employers.

She fell ill and had had been absent from work for three weeks, so she decided to send a mail to her boss explaining why they haven’t been seeing her at the office.

According to a Nigerian Facebook user named Tripple U, who shared the story, the young lady was religious and this reflected in the email she sent that led to her being sacked.

She wrote that she was strong, instead of saying she was sick, and this was interpreted to mean that nothing was wrong with her health yet she chose not to be at work, but her white employers did not know that as Nigerian, she was declaring in faith that she is on the road to recovery.

The wordings of the mail was completely misunderstood owing to what could be called cultural misinterpretation.

Among some Christians in Nigeria, saying ‘I’m strong’ when they are actually ill is usually a way of exercising faith.

But this obviously did not apply in the UK where the lady has been reportedly sacked because her employers read it to mean that she deliberately stopped coming.

Trippie U further noted that the lady, who was working and schooling on a scholarship, is also having issues with her school which she may soon lose owing to the same email.

Watch him speak below: