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Nigerian lady burns ‘cheap’ wig her boyfriend bought for her



Social media users have been left stunned after a Nigerian lady set on fire the wig her boyfriend bought for her.

She shared a video which captured the moment she took the wig and a match box outside and set fire to the hair.

The lady then carried the remnants of the burnt wig and threw it on a pile of trash outside her house.

A lady, who thought the woman was angry at the vendor that sold her the wig urged her to expose the hair vendor so that others an avoid the person.

But she explained that it the vendor did nothing wrong, rather it was her boyfriend that got her the wig because he doesn’t know the good quality one.

”You for tag the vendor to .....,” the follower said.

The lady replied; ”The vendor no do anything, na my boyfriend no know better wig.”

See the video below:

In reaction, omololasamuel_ said; She wanted bone straight she got 15k synthetic straight, but the man try she suppose dash person instead of burning it sef..

chima.henry; Ode no be you buy am na why u for use ur money buy am na if e easy😏ungrateful being

cedar.db; Are we not going to talk about the rubbish dump infront of her house?🤢

misschidel; I’m not in support of this nonsense biko. Whether fake or original learn to be appreciative cause you don’t know what it took him to buy that. You should be happy he even gifted you cause me I’m looking for who go even gift me the cheapest thing.

always__wicked; They go done tell am ( KNOW YOUR WORTH) She rush go Burn am 😂😂😂

diaryofanaijagirlwithepilepsy; She could have given it out though 🤷🏽‍♀️ since she don pass who dey wear that type of wig

michmya_kiddies; When you eventually carry your own water, you’ll value every drop 💦.

francaofabuja; A total act of been ungrateful,if u want princess treatment go meet ur papa ,he bought what he can afford 📌

zara__haniaa; Person buy wig for you, u no happy?😂😂😂 he’d just asked for your plug, as na you sabi🤌🏻.
He used money to buy it.

captivatingtsewo; Wetin u gain 🙄?egbele ema aruka ta ri imiyo mtewwww

mrs_jawando; You’re a Bombastic Element… What Nonsense!😢

jojo_luxury_hair; Hope she knew she just burnt money , no matter how little it is , she just wasted that money, people like this sometimes don’t even know how to give , only how to collect yet they can’t appreciate.