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Nigerian couple who lived in one-room celebrate as they upgrade to beautiful house



A Nigerian man and his wife have set a standard on social media depicting how patience, perseverance and belief can be the building blocks of success.

The couple shared their journey in a viral video, from living in one room apartment to having a beautiful new crib.

In the clip posted on TikTok, the man and his wife could be seen sleeping in their humbly furnished one room.

The lady slept on the chair while her hubby put a mattress on the floor for him to sleep. As if that was not enough, the bike which he used to hustle was also parked in the small room together with almost all their properties.

Giving thanks for their new life, the latter part of the clip showed when Jake and Olufemy have upgraded to a new beautiful house.

They now looked fresh and clean, rocking designer wears as well as jerseys as they posed in a manner a bit similar to the way they were while at their former place.

Watch the lovely video below:

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In other news, a group of friends have sparked reactions on social media with their before vs after photos following their relocation to another country.

One of the guys known as Peterson took to his Twitter handle and shared their growth, right from when they were in secondary school to present day.

The four friends all traveled together to their host nation four years ago, and have all grown as could be seen in photo posted on Twitter.

Peterson shared a throwback photo of all four in their secondary school uniform, and uploaded a pictured of them abroad, posing the same way and staying in the same position each of them were in the old picture.

It is interesting to note that the person who took on the role of photographer also traveled with them. Though he did not show in any of the images, Peterson revealed that he was with them.
A tweep @nathan_oji said; I pray it’s the same person who took both pictures cos I want everyone to win. @Petersen_209 replied; He’s the same person.