Nigerian Gay activist, Bisi Alimi has taken to his Instagram page to share his thoughts about Nigeria.


Bisi Alimi asserted that Nigeria is a country where pastors don’t trust their congregation and come to church with heavy security but tell the congregation the Lord is their shepherd.

He said that Nigeria is a place where being a pastor or Imam is more honorable than being a doctor or researcher or innovator and pastors tell the congregation to pray for the nation while they partner with politicians to milk the country dry.

He furthered that Nigeria is a country where every Sunday the poor give money to rich pastors while expecting god to double the money ten times. The rich pastors smile to the bank in a limousine and the poor walk home hoping for a miracle.

Bisi also claimed that Nigeria is a country where everyone lies to everyone about how godly and spiritual they are and everyone knows that everyone is lying cos no one is actually godly or spiritual.

See his post below;

See some comments we gathered below;

@docjovta wrote; “Yea the country is messed up, but they are still some good eggs in the midst of the bag eggs, its left for you to identify who is who…🙏🙏”

@9inemarley ; “Nigeria is a country where churches recommend that you and your household worship with them and always pay your offering but won’t recommend you bring your kids to the school they own because it’s too expensive and you can’t afford it.”

@kingbalo wrote; “So what’s your point Mr Bisi !!! Coz from my point of view !! You are blind and knows nothing about Nigeria”