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New Zealand: Muslim says he wants to kill non-Muslims, scouts locations for jihad massacre



Where did this young man learn about Islam? What is taught at his mosque? Does anyone know? Does anyone care? Why isn’t his mosque being investigated?

“Man planned to carry out terror attack in Auckland, inspired by previous mall attack,” by Catrin Owen, Stuff, November 10, 2022 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

An Auckland man told a person on social media he wanted to kill “non-Muslims” and began planning a terror attack in New Zealand, Stuff can now report.

The 20-year-old appeared at the High Court at Auckland on Wednesday, where he admitted threatening to kill, two charges of distributing objectionable publications and six counts of possessing objectionable material.

The man was charged last September and initially appeared in the North Shore District Court, days after the LynnMall terror attack.

Stuff can now report the man, who was then 19, came to the attention of police as he chatted about Isis and shared videos depicting extreme violence.

He told a person on social media that if he couldn’t travel to Syria and support Isis, his plan B was to carry out an attack in Auckland, according to the summary of facts.

The man discussed at length various options for the attack, including a knife attack, vehicle attack or and explosive attack.

He said the bombing attack in Manchester 2017 was fully justified.

He believed terror attacks on non-Muslims were justified and began to prepare an attack, where he hoped to kill between 20 and 30 people.

The man also researched about 80 locations around Auckland which included religious institutions, shopping malls, cafés, restaurants and the airport.

He started putting together a kit which included knives and camouflage.

After the New Lynn terror attack on September 3, the defendant messaged the person on social media saying he felt inspired and wanted to bring the attack forward.

He took screenshots of Al-Qaeda propaganda literature, searched for instructions on how to make a bomb and how and what to use to stab people.

When police executed a search warrant in September 2021, they found his Google cloud account had hundreds of videos, including body-cam footage of a terror attack in Germany, the Christchurch mosque attacker’s manifesto and other Isis videos.

In another video the defendant spoke of his allegiance to the Islamic State and claimed retribution against the New Zealand Government.

“The defendant states that he is ready for Martrydom and will commit a terror attack after he has done more research.”…