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New York Times: Hey, Biden’s a Big Liar, but It’s OK, We Love Him Anyway



New in PJ Media:

Old Joe Biden has been a cheerful and incorrigible liar since even before he became a professional grifter, that is, a Democrat politician, but The New York Times, as the chief propaganda arm for the Leftist agenda in the United States, has always been happy to cover for him. As far back as 1987, when it came to light that Biden had been found guilty of plagiarism in 1965 while at Syracuse Law School, the Times put the best possible face on the situation, headlining its story, “Biden Admits Plagiarism in School But Says It Was Not ‘Malevolent.’” Oh, well, then! And now, when their man just keeps piling lie upon lie as if maybe he can stand on them all to keep his head above water in the polls, the Times informed us Monday that “Biden, Storyteller in Chief, Spins Yarns That Often Unravel.” That’s all it is, see. It’s not as if he were a deeply dishonest man or anything like that.

The Times starts off its latest attempt to clean up after the Liar-In-Chief by recounting how he has exaggerated the story of a trivial kitchen fire twenty years ago and then adds, “The exaggerated biography that Mr. Biden tells includes having been a fierce civil rights activist who was repeatedly arrested. He has claimed to have been an award-winning student who earned three degrees. And last week, speaking on the hurricane-devastated island of Puerto Rico, he said he had been ‘raised in the Puerto Rican community at home, politically.’” And there are so very many others, the longtime Biden listener can’t help but start wondering if the man has ever said anything honest in his entire endless political life.

As far as the Times is concerned, however, this is entirely benign. You see, it’s all because sometimes he gets carried away when trying to relate to his audience: “For more than four decades, Mr. Biden has embraced storytelling as a way of connecting with his audience, often emphasizing the truth of his account by adding, ‘Not a joke!’ in the middle of a story. But Mr. Biden’s folksiness can veer into folklore, with dates that don’t quite add up and details that are exaggerated or wrong, the factual edges shaved off to make them more powerful for audiences.” Ah, the poor guy! Sometimes his “folksiness can veer into folklore,” that’s all! Nothing to get upset about! He’s just a charming old fellow telling stories!

The Times took a somewhat dimmer view of Old Joe’s chief rival, and there was none of this folksiness-veering-into-folklore. “For Trump,” an April 2020 Times headline announced, “Lying Is a Super Power.” Back then, the Times had a significantly different view of politicians they considered to be stretching the truth.

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