Actress Nancy Iheme has confessed to having done 3some back in the days and also reveals that she can’t marry a poor man as she needs someone who can take care of her.


Nancy Iheme engaged her fans in a question and answer session and she answered most of the questions that some might think it’s too personal to talk about revealing that she has been involved in a 3some back in the days.

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Talking about her dream man, Nancy Iheme said a blessed man in everything including his third leg is his dream man and we all know a blessed man is a wealthy man and that is the dream man of Nancy Iheme.

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Replying to a fan who asked whether she can marry a man that is not famous or rich, Nancy Iheme said she will be okay to marry a man that is not famous but you have to be rich to be able to take care of her and your unborn children when they are eventually born.

Therefore, all Nancy Iheme is trying to tell us is that her dream man is someone who is rich and can take care of her and her children but when it comes to fame, she’s okay to be with a man who isn’t famous at all in any way.

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