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MzGee Explains Why Side Chics Calls Their Men ‘Daddy’



Ghanaian media personality, Gloria Akpene Nyarku-Acquah who is known as MzGee has disclosed the reason why side chics referred to their men as “Daddy”.

Speaking on TV3 NewDay, MzGee said that side chics normally go in for aged men to date because they feel there is a certain goal and objective they must achieve as young ladies. She explained that they also feel secure dating these old men.

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MzGee also added that because these old men can fund the expenses of these young ladies they prefer dating them instead.

She said, “Sometimes at a point in their life they don’t what to do people their age because they feel they have a certain goal they are trying to achieve and so this man will not disturb me and he is going to be funding all the things that I want to do.”

“At a point when I feel I am very independent, I begin to reason, I need to find a man of my own so a lot of the side chicks we see are not there because they want a permanent deal”.

According to MzGee, these side chics call their men daddy because they literally provide everything for them and because they don’t want to be their second wives they try to call them daddy bringing the space of any marriage plans.

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“In fact, sometimes a lot of the side chicks, they feel sad for the wives that you are married to because they feel like if it were me, will I be happy that you are doing this to me but for her at that point, it is a means to an end so they don’t want to be your second wives and at the time that the feel liberated they step out and say thank you very and that is why some of them call them daddy”.