Sensational social media comedian and content creator, Yunusa, is beaming with joy after leaving the nation to visit the United Arab Emirates.


Yunusa, in a video making rounds on the internet said that he went to Dubai in defiance of his “village folks,” who do not want him to advance in life.

Yunusa congratulated his friends, family, and followers on his official Instagram profile while posting a video from a resort in which he was present.

The sketch creator is well-known for his widely shared “cold zobo” film, which is frequently exploited as a meme on social media.

This comes after he disclosed that he had bought a brand-new Mercedes Benz for himself months earlier.

”Hello everybody, as you can see, all of my village people, they have talk it that I cannot come to Dubai for my life.” he said in the clip.

Watch the video below;

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In other news, favorites in the seventh edition of Big Brother Naija, Phyna and Bryann got into a very heated altercation just a short while ago.

The housemates were reportedly getting ready for their wager task when Phyna stated that she wasn’t in the mood for it and might even have eviction anxiety.

Bryan, however, would have none of it, claiming that everyone was required for the wager presentation and that it was a team effort.

After, a highly intense dispute erupted during which insults were hurled at one other.

On a towel, Phyna berated Bryann for labeling her input as foolish, which led the latter to slur the other people.

However, as the other housemates became involved in the debate, Amaka jumped into the fray to support Phyna.

Khalid accompanied Amaka to the restroom to carry on their conversation, which degenerated into yet another argument between them.

“You are a stupid boy; there’s nothing in your head; useless entity,” she cried out.

Watch the video below;

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