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My bestie said Yes – Nigerian couple get engaged at Art Gallery they met abroad



A Nigerian man identified as Nathan Oluwatosin has proposed marriage to his girlfriend whom he refers to as his bestie.

The lover boy revealed that he met his heartthrob at an Art Gallery, and to make the moment symbolic, he popped the question to her at the same place.

He lives in Paris, France while his fiancée known as Bree resides in the United Kingdom.

@henryOluwatosin took to his Twitter page to share the beautiful news as he rejoiced over her agreeing to be his wife.

Sharing some cute photos from the proposal, the lover boy wrote; ”I proposed to my bestie at the Art Gallery where we first met.

She said Yes! ❤️”

He added; ”Incoming boss, permanent contract. The most beautiful woman in the Multiverse @bre_dah ✨”

”Thanks for the outpouring of love. Overwhelmed by the messages. Merci ❤️”

Social media users flooded his comment section with congratulatory messages.

@mr_okonta; Simple and stunning. No lights and unnecessary decorations. Congratulations bro. Wishing you yours all the best 👍

@ThePhoenix____; Decorations and lights are not unnecessary if the partner likes them tho. Nothing is unnecessary😶, He knows and did what is peculiar to his partner.

@A_frizzyy; No “50k plate of rice or 100k wine” in view for September dump 🤭 She’s a real real, wife her! Congratulations boss

@ArmerQueen; I Dey go art gallery now ooo,make one guy show up abeg……Congrats 👏

@diego_tornan; Congrats bro! Na to dey go art galleries now. ✌🏽 Thanks for the update!

@chiderabonyi; Congratulations! The place looks like the Getty Museum in LA?

@nweziuche; See fresh hands 🙌 💍 No dark Knuckle, Fine babe congratulations 🎊🎉🍾🎈

@botterha; What if you have met on the road, while you are driving and is crossing the road, would you do the same

@fiyangan; This is kinda wife material. Looking very decent. Beautiful😂😂✌.young guys should learn from this dude.

@oinye_; Everybody will just be commenting the comment I want to comment 😏😏…I’m not commenting again, just give me one pepper from those flowers abeg 🤨🤨🤨

@drfinessetv; Big congratulations brother 🙌🏾🙌🏾! Please when the gallery Dey open? 😤 which day you go?

@sanbheegold; Congrats jawe🥰🥰🥰🥰cheers to long life happiness, Later mak una dey tok say true love still dey exists for Lagos so, See am now na proof be dizzzz

@Bio_teddy; Congratulations. This is sooooo beautiful. You both look good too. May GOD bless your home

@EzeOgoma; Very neat people!.See well manicured fingers….Congratulations 🙏

@Aqmomoh; He might have a girlfriend but the bestie got the ring🥂… Moral lesson: if you be bestie, u fit still skip the dating part oo🍾

@official__tiana; I have been planning to visit the art gallery, I think this is a sign to visit for real. 😊 Congratulations.