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My bestie bathed my face with acid because her man was wooing me – Lady claims, shares video



A young lady has gone online to alleged that her close friend bathed her with acid simply because of a man.

She said her bestie’s boyfriend was toasting her and the lady got to find out, so she decided to make her facially unappealing.

The victim shared a video of her partly burnt face and revealed that the incident happened just hours before she came online to narrate what happened.

A follower asked how she is able to still be walk and do other activities just hours after the incident instead of being hospitalised.

She explained that her mum went to confront her bestfriend to find out what substance she bathed her daughter with.

”My friend poured me an acid because her boyfriend was toasting me,” she said.

The jealous friend revealed that it was bleach mixed with a bleaching oil and kerosene that she mixed together and poured on her face.

”My mum went to her place to as what she poured on my face, she said it is hypo, caro white oil with fuel mixed together,” the victim added.

See the clip below:

But social media users were not convinced about her claim as many noted that acid would have burnt her face with deep scarring and she would not be active enough to share the story almost immediately.

In reaction, IG user, timblaze_ wrote; All this for man?

xom_mie; Una still dey do Bestie?

todaysblo; Lol acid will pill your skin lies …it will literally disfigure your face instead that’s not acid he poured except you are just making up a story

kelseywealthy_; Bestie ke, wetin westlife no go see for empty streets. This is cruel😢😢😢

futballpunter; Too many liez on the internet u can’t even know which one is telling the truth.. it is well

officialbobbyfredrick__; This looks like eczema or cream reaction to me though not acid ..make una fear of God to lie ooo 😩😩😩

alhakeemy_001; Huh 😌 you should have remove the word bestie 😌 a so called real bestie can never do that over a man

broda_henry; Every unfriendly friend catch f!re!

tonia_gram_; I sha hope it’s not organic cream that did this o. I no dey too believe una

officialbobbyfredrick__; Acid abi cream reaction???? Una too lie ..acid will disfigure ur face totally!!!

nicolenicol21; Acid or your bleaching cream burnt your face?🙄🙄🙄

officialbenison; She even get mouth dey list ingredients for your mum….una must be a lovely Christian family

_somebodys1stson; Which acid? Lol acid touched your face and it’s still like this? Y’all lie too much forgetting not everyone who will see the content is a mumu. Which acid? Lol anyway it’s TikTok.


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