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Motorist amazed after seeing man sleeping in driver’s seat as Tesla drives itself (Video)



A Tesla owner has been captured on tape sleeping deeply while being driven by his automated vehicle.

Motorists expressed amazement after realising that the driver was fast asleep inside his Tesla which driving at high speed on an expressway.

They man tilted his head backwards and laid it on the upper part of the seat he was sitting on, and when another driver drew closer to him, they showed him sleeping with care or concern that any unforseen thing might happen.

The person who recorded him shared the clip with the caption; ”So they do drive themselves.”

Tesla is an electric car which is made by Tesla Inc owned by Billionaire, Elon Musk.

Watch the video below:

In other news, Nzei Ekenechukwu, a young Nigerian man has been hailed for demonstrating rare innovative talent.

The native of Delta state builds scale model sports cars and power bikes using mostly aluminum parts.

His amazing talent was spotlighted by a Twitter user known Usman Haruna, who revealed that Ekene asked relevant authorities and Nigerians to support him to be a large scale innovator.

The young man has been making prototype cars, bikes and other gadgets with his hand from his primary school days. Asides from motorbikes and cars, he also builds bicycles.

Haruna shared photos of some of Ekenechukwu’s finished designs and they are very beautiful to behold.

He wrote; ”Meet 24 year old from Delta State who builds scale model full aluminium body cars and bikes, which are all handmade.

In an exclusive conversation with me, Ekenechukwu told me he had been building stuff since his primary school days.

He says, “I had a passion for creating when I was in primary school. Since then I’ve been making different types of cars not just cars but many things.

“I can move from creating only a scale model to building a big version that can be used by Nigerians, and the whole world if I have the right support and material that I need.”


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