Faith Emadiji, a Nigerian mother, realized her daughter’s desire of working for the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA).


She took great pleasure in putting the young child in a LASTMA uniform and performing with her on the streets.

The lady’s daughter had a desire of working for the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, according to a post posted by Lavist (LASTMA).

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Her mother dressed her up and took her to the place where agency officials were so she could assist them to control traffic for a little while. Her parents could no longer ignore her pleas.

The page wrote:.

“This is an encouragement for her. She’s pursuing her dream. May God lead you through, beautiful.

The mother dressed her up, not for her career day school, but because she has been disturbing her parents that she loves to become a LASTMA officer in future. Her mother said she did that to encourage her more so she can focus.”

Meanwhile, it was a sad news for a Lagos State Traffic Management Authority officer identified as Jamiu Issa to reportedly meet his untimely death after he was allegedly crushed to death by a motorist in Lagos.

According to reports, the officer tried apprehending the motorist over traffic violations but upon his attempt, he was crushed to death by the motorist.

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The officer was said to have been rushed to the hospital but unfortunately was pronounced dead. The driver was haunted by some witnesses after he tried to flee the scene.

He was said to have knocked another person down while escaping but he was eventually captured and handed to the police. He was taken first to Ilasan police station, and eventually to Ajiwe police station.