Model Faith Morey has shaken tables that will take years to shake saying that most women who talk down on BBL do so because they can’t afford it and not that it’s not good.


There are a few female celebrities who have talked down on BBL but have gone to enhance their backside and just today, Damilola Adegbite made a list of 5 benefits that exercise will give you that BBL will never give you and we believe this is a reply to that.

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According to Faith Morey, most women talk down on BBL because they can’t afford it and today more women are embracing BBL, and it’s exciting to see that some of these women who always talked down on other women for going under the knife have joined them.

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Faith Morey then issued a warning to those criticizing women who have gone under the knife that before they criticize anything, they should make sure they have the money and have probably tried it to know whether it’s good or bad.

Even some of the women who have gone under the knife are scaring those willing to do the same away with their experience talking about how hard it is and why they will never do that again even when given so much money.

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