Tega, a former participant on Big Brother Naija, claimed that many ladies tolerate numerous things simply because they have the title of “Mrs.”


Tega claims that the majority of women experience physical and psychological violence, which kills most of these married women mentally as they go through it.

Tega stated that the majority of these women who pass away psychologically and emotionally after going through this trying time with their men are unable to recover.

She believes that mental death is among the worst things anyone can go through.

The mother of one added that most people use the justification that their moms in the past chose to remain in unhappy marriages despite their own problems with infidelity.

“Sometimes I always think some women deserve what they get because them no gree get sense, na to drive benz and Lexus dey hungry them. Tcheeee just so you know if you die na mechanic go first drive am before they give it out”.

Tega Dominic has stated that she prefers staying single to being in a marriage that lacks mutual respect.

The reality star who has been having issues with her husband since she got involved with reality star Boma seems to have stepped out of her marriage.

Taking to her Instagram story, the reality star has stated that she prefers to stay as a single woman than stay in a marriage where she will have to endure because there is no mutual respect between couples.

Tega added that she wants a marriage that comes with 100 percent more investment than endurance. She also advised women never to stay in a marriage that will make them endure.