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Morocco: Appeal court upholds woman’s prison sentence for ‘undermining the Muslim religion’



A glimpse into the future of the West. This is where the Left’s “hate speech” rhetoric is tending. We are very close to this now, far closer than most people realize. For years, critics of jihad terror and Sharia oppression of women and others have been routinely excoriated, vilified, demonized, deplatformed, and shunned by all decent people. What is the next step? This. Remember: Biden pledged to combat “hate speech,” which is any speech that those in power dislike, and a member of his transition team wanted to outlaw desecration of the Qur’an. We are far closer to this than most people think.

“Morocco: jail upheld on appeal for blogger accused of ‘undermining Islam’ – lawyer,” Africa News, September 14, 2022:

The Moroccan justice confirmed Tuesday evening in appeal a heavy prison sentence for an Internet user accused of “undermining the Islamic religion” after posting on Facebook writings deemed offensive, said the defense.

“The Court of Appeal of Khouribga sentenced Fatima Karim to two years in prison, confirming the judgment of the first instance,” her lawyer, Habib Aadi, told AFP….

In detention since mid-July, Fatima Karim, 39, was prosecuted for having commented in a satirical tone in Arabic on her Facebook page on verses of the Koran and hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad, considered sacred in the Muslim tradition.

The Moroccan Internet user was sentenced on August 15 to two years in prison for “electronically attacking religion” by the court of the first instance in Oued Zem, 150 km from the megalopolis of Casablanca….

In the trial court, she asserted her right to freedom of expression, guaranteed by the Moroccan constitution.

She had also publicly apologized to “anyone who felt offended” by her publications, assuring that she never intended to undermine Islam, the state religion in Morocco….

Article 267-5 of the Moroccan Penal Code, under which Fatima Karim was convicted, punishes from six months to two years in prison “anyone who undermines the Muslim religion”.