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Moment Ilebaye made several attempts to kiss married housemate, Kess (Video)



Dramatic events unfolded in the Big Brother Naija house on Saturday and one of the notable ones involved married housemate, Kess and Ilebaye.

Ilebaye tried to kiss him a couple of times after the Saturday night party but he curved her because of his marital status.

The duo who are Level 2 housemates, were lying down together late at night and having a conversation about what happened at the party.

The young lady was opening up about what happened between her and Level 1 housemate, Dotun.

Due to the alcohol intake, she could not accurately recall if she kissed Dotun, but Ilebaye said that even if that happened she would do it gain

The Ghanaian-based entrepreneur was a bit tipsy, so she made moves to kiss Kess not minding the fact that he has a wife outside.

He stopped her just as she was about to kiss him on the lips, so she queried him for declining and he said that he will never try to kiss her because he is married.

She tried again to kiss him, but he used his hand to block his mouth and she asked his reason for doing such and he said he had none other than being married man.

Ilebaye said she respects him and his marital vows, and promised not make moves to kiss him again.

Ilebaye said: I want to k!ss you

Kess replied: I will never try to k!ss you.

Ilebeya asked: why?

Kess responded: I’m married, not for any reason. Thank God bless you.

Ilebeya then said: I respect you, I won’t try, I you are married, I respect your vow.

Watch the video below: