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Mohamed Hadid: Zionists Control the World



Yesterday I profiled the two supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid, those catwalk-sashaying girls who really don’t like Israel, or Zionists, or – let’s face it — Jews. In this hatred, they’re just like their father: Mohammed Hadid is the Palestinian-American theatre-of-the-absurd real estate developer of monstrous Xanadus that he builds on spec in Bel Air. His houses are the kind that have 17 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms, contain 5000-bottle wine cellars and 70-seat IMAX theatres, and are put on the market for anywhere from $100 to $200 million. Hadid is even more famous as the proud father of Gigi and Bella, but Mohamed, unlike his daughters, is careful to say that he only hates and fears the “Zionists.” Occasionally he lets the word “Jews” slip out, for that is clearly what he means; in the Bel Air real estate business, however, you need to watch out: naked antisemitism can be bad for business. It’s useful to recall that some time ago, he told his 1.3 million followers on Instagram that the “Zionists control the world.” A report on his protocols-of-zion vaporings is here: “Zionists control the world, buy up media outlets, says Mohamed Hadid,” by Michael Starr, Jerusalem Post, May 16, 2022:

“Zionists control the world, buy up media outlets,” says Mohamed Hadid.

The Zionists have the world under their control, unfortunately. They even want to kill the the [sic] journalists and buy the outlets…” wrote the father of supermodels Bella and Gigi.

Apparently Hadid was thinking of the death of the journalist Shireen Abu-Akhleh, for which the Palestinians and their supporters were quick to blame the Israelis. The Israelis believe there is a good chance it was a stray Palestinian bullet that killed her, but the Palestinians initially refuse to turn over the spent bullet to Israel, or to any other investigative body that might be able to settle the matter, and then turned it over smashed, so as to preclude any possibility of determining its origin. When one side welcomed a thorough investigation, and the other side refused to permit any investigation at all, we know which side had something to hide.

Zionists control the world – and to get around their sway over news outlets, one should follow a controversial BDS figure that has promoted violence and intifadas – Mohamed Hadid, father of International supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid, said in an Instagram post on Sunday.

“How long the world can be so silent?” asked Hadid. “The Zionists have the world under their control, unfortunately. They even want to kill the the [sic] journalists and buy the outlets…”

Hadid made the comments on a post featuring an image made by the Shehab news agency of his daughter Bella, with the caption: “How long will we remain silent, as Israel kills journalists?”

Journalists have been killed all over the world, but especially, it seems, in the violence-prone countries of the Arab world and Iran. Between 1992 and 2022, twenty journalists were killed in Egypt, and twenty in Lebanon. Since 2015, 56 have been killed in Yemen, while in the last two decades 190 were killed in Iraq. Seven hundred journalists have been killed in Syria during its civil war. More than 1,000 journalists have been arrested, detained, murdered, disappeared or executed by the Iranian regime since it came to power in 1979. Since 1992, in Israel and the territories, a total of 19 journalists have been killed, almost all of them caught in the crossfire between Israel and Arab terrorists, or by stray bullets fired in the fog of war. “As Israel kills journalists”? Fewer journalists have died in Israel than anywhere else in the Middle East. 

What was Mohamed Hadid talking about? The Zionists “buy [all] the [news] outlets”? They haven’t “bought” the BBC, which is the world’s largest media outlet, and has for decades been reliably anti-Israel. They haven’t “bought” Al Jazeera, which is now the world’s second largest media outlet, owned by the deep-pocketed government of Qatar; Al Jazeera is even more virulently anti-Israel than the BBC. “Zionists” don’t own the major wire services, including AP, Reuters, and Agence France Presse. A Jewish family, the Sulzbergers, does own The New York Times, but the Sultzbergers remain resolutely unsympathetic to the Jewish state, and so does their newspaper. Mohamed Hamid’s dreamy belief that “Zionists,” or Jews, “own the media” takes us back more than a century, to the 1904 forgery produced by the Czarist secret police –the infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which set out the “plans” of Jewish bankers to rule the world.

To circumvent what Hadid described as Zionist media control, he implored others to follow Within Our Lifetime leader Nerdeen Kiswani.

Kiswani led WOL at a rally in front of the Friends of the IDF offices on March 30, in which participants chanted “globalize the intifada” – armed uprising – and “there is only one solution, intifada, revolution.”

In 2020, Kiswani shared a video of herself threatening to set a man’s IDF sweatshirt on fire. That year she was named by the NGO StopAntisemitism as their “antisemite of the year.”

So the person Mohamed Hadid holds up for emulation, the person he admires and who has shown us, in his view, the way to circumvent the powerful Zionists who own all the media, is Nerdeen Kiswani. Kiswani is an annihilationist, who has called for the complete “eradication” of Zionism from Palestine – that means, of course, eradicating the Zionists. Kiswani has been deemed too extreme even for the Students for Justice in Palestine. On social media, Kiswani has shown images of herself with the PFLP terrorists Leila Khaled and Rasmea Odeh. She has also posted videos that show her threatening to set fire to a man wearing an IDF sweatshirt – a clear case of go-thou-and-do-likewise incitement to murder. Israelis. And Nesreen Kiswani is the person Mohamed Hadid thinks we should try to be like.

I have two questions for Mohamed Hadid.

First, If the “Zionists” control the media, how is it that you, Mohamed Hadid, with your oft-expressed antipathy to Israel, have been given such extensive coverage – much of it admiring, for your apparent ability to make money – in that same media? Why don’t the Zionists simply shut down all coverage of your comings and goings, your real estate exploits, your expensive antics from Rodeo Drive to the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré?

If the Zionists control the world, and own all the media, how did Gigi and Bella ever manage to become known, to have their spectacular careers as supermodels, and to make tens of millions of dollars, as creatures who depend for their fame and fortune on that very media? Once you, or Bella, or Gigi, began to denounce Israel on every conceivable occasion –- why didn’t that cabal of Jews who own all the media outlets just shut down the coverage of both you and your daughters? Why do they still allow news about you — the houses you’ve built, or lived in, or put on the market, the Charles-Morgan three-wheeler you took for a spin with one of your now ex-fiancées? Why don’t they shut down both your coverage in the media, and your own access to social media? With their power over all the “media outlets,” that should be easy. And why is that Zionist-controlled media still so admiring of Gigi and Bella, despite both girls being so full of hate for Israel?

Second, if the “Zionists” control the world, and own all the media, why is Israel pilloried in that same media? Why do the New York Times, the Washington Post, the BBC, CNN, Reuters, AP, Agence France Presse, Deutsche Welle consistently carry stories that are critical of Israel and so insistently sympathetic to the Palestinians? Why is the “Israeli side” of a story so seldom provided as, for example, in the coverage of the property disputes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, or of the Israeli police attempting to halt Arab rioters on Temple Mount from hurling rocks and Molotov cocktails onto Jews worshipping at the Wailing Wall far below? Why does the world media never discuss the contents of the Mandate for Palestine, or the Treaty of San Remo, or Article 80 of the U.N. Charter? Why is it that the all-powerful Zionists who control the world can’t prevent the endless series of anti-Israel resolutions at the U.N.? Why couldn’t those Zionists stop the adoption of Agenda Item #7 by the UN Human Rights Council, which requires the Council, at every one of its sessions, to discuss the “Human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories”? Why couldn’t those Zionists who control the world prevent the General Assembly from establishing an unprecedented open-ended war crimes probe of Israel by a Commission of Inquiry, which can investigate any alleged Israeli human rights violations on either side of the Green Line, going all the way back to 1948? This would include both sovereign Israel, as well as the West Bank and Gaza. No other country – not China, Russia, North Korea, or Iran — has been the object of such a far-reaching and permanent investigation.

 Mohamed Hadid, you wrote on Instagram that “the Zionists have the world under their control.” Kindly respond, then, to the two questions I’ve posed just above. I’ll wait right here for your answers.