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Minnesota: Public elementary school offers ‘school spirit hijabs’ to students as young as kindergarten



The idea of the hijab in Islamic theology is to prevent men from being tempted to sin by the appearance of women. So putting a hijab on a kindergartener is tantamount to saying that she is a legitimate object of sexual desire. Celebrate diversity! All who oppose this are racist, bigoted “Islamophobes”!

“Minnesota School Offers ‘School Spirit Hijabs’ to Elementary Students,” by Frankie Stockes, National File, September 8, 2022:

A Minnesota elementary school is offering “school spirit hijabs” for sale to its students, claiming that donning the symbol of the Sharia Law oppression of women is a wonderful sign of diversity.

Burnsville, Minnesota’s Byrne Elementary School is offering “school spirit hijabs” to its students under the guidance of the school’s “Somali cultural liaison,” who has been brought in to cater to the area’s burgeoning migrant population. The hijab, which is forcibly worn by Muslim women oftentimes under the penalty of death in Islamic countries like Somalia, has been a much-promoted item of “diversity” for the left in the United States and the Western World….

According to a local news broadcast celebrating the school spirit hijab program, the Islamic headgear will be offered by the public school for $6 a piece through its parent-teacher program and are produced in school colors. They also don the school’s “Buster the Bulldog” mascot logo.

In addition to being sold at school events, the school spirit hijabs are being offered online, through the school’s Parent Teacher Organization website.

“Every student deserves the opportunity to express their school identity and have that feeling of belonging,” parent volunteer Carla Valadez told the local news. Offering the school spirit hijabs, Valadez says, “really makes this work meaningful.”

Interestingly, Minnesota news reports have neglected to mention anything regarding the “separation of church and state” as it relates to the school-sanctioned hijab sales, something that becomes a frequent left-wing talking point whenever a Bible or public Christian prayer is held in or around a school – or any other government property for that matter….

A whopping 15% of Burnsville schoolchildren reportedly speak Somali – not English – at home. While just a couple of decades ago the district educated a supermajority of White American students, now, two-thirds of the district’s pupils identify as “people of color.” Those students descend largely from foreign migrant backgrounds….