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Men do a lot for women – Feminist says as she reveals how she got her first iPhone



A Nigerian lady has said that men help women in different ways and deserve to be appreciated.

Taking to her Twitter page, the young woman who is a feminist, revealed that she is a beneficiary of the generosity of men.

According to the lady with handle @wickedsous, men have been known to take women shopping after going on the first date.

She also noted that male folk slide into the DMs of ladies they don’t know and ask for account number so that they could send money.

Using herself as an example, she disclosed that it was her ex-boyfriend who lived in Dubai that gifted her the first iPhone she used.

She tweeted; ”Men enter dms with send your account number. Men will take you shopping on the first date. I got my first iPhone after 2 days of knowing my ex at that time who lived in Dubai. Pls 😂 let’s not speak. Men do a lot for women Abeg.”

See her post:

Some women shared similar experiences while others noted that they do not relate to what she wrote.

@thatgoddessss; One time I went on a date & I returned to my house with a brand new phone. Like, this person took me phone shopping after our date was over.

@wickedsous; See lmao I’ve gone to the club after a date empty handed and come back home with 4 1000 naira bundles. Because he liked the way I enjoyed myself 😂😂 Abeg

@K7BILA; Angry feminist in bio, but enjoying the Patriarchy 🤗

@Ifunanyablw; Me i have never met men like this before in my life and na because say I no fine or get street OT. But I see my brothers spoil women. So it’s true.

@its_olawilliams; I think these mostly happens to girls with big ass and boobs😭 not slim girl like us😂 🥺

@keh_neygirl; Yeah it’s true. There is this guy at my work place, bruh send his girlfriend money everyday, a month into the relationship he changed her phone from iPhone 11 to 12pro max. He cooks and bruh also do the laundry.

One of the lady’s friend recorded their conversation and she sent it to the boyfriend that the guy is a simp that how can she get married to somebody like that. He heard the vn and even accepted the girl back after she cheated twice. It looks like jazz to mr but I don’t think it’s.