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MEET The 8-Year-Old Ghanaian Boxer Who Throws 150 Punches In A Minute



We have chanced upon a post about an eight-year-old Ghanaian boxer.

Per what we gathered, this young chap started boxing at the young age of 4 and this was made known by astute Ghanaian sports journalist, Saddick Adams.

It was revealed that he has won several titles even though he is young and the mesmerizing thing is that he has the ability to throw a whopping 150 punches in one minute.

..... reads;

“🥊 Prince ‘The Buzz’ Larbie is 8 years.
🥊Started boxing at age 4.
🥊 The best juvenile boxer in Ghana
🥊 Has won several titles since 2018
🥊 Able to throw 150 punches in 1 minute.
🥊 His dad/trainer preparing him for 2032 Olympics
🥊 Wants to become a WBC champion one day”

Some reactions ..... got are;

@odo_ayaase – He’s better than Isaac Dogbe in my books n I’m not even capping

@eddie_oclin – We barely see this can of his parents in Africa as a whole. I think his dad is the guy’s dream.

@Awuley_mufc – I have been watching him on YouTube the guy is quick ,has awesome e energy he’s fantastic Can’t wait to watch him.

@andy_andyHRP – The challenge I see here is nutrition. I hope they are getting professional help with that…to enhance his growth …height,etc