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MEET Opressi – One Of Ghana’s Vibrant Social Media Influencers You Should Know About



It has made access to news and several information quite appealing and it is undoubtedly a driving force in today’s society.

This has particularly given a rise in the number of social media influencers and one notable platform that has a whopping number of influencers is Twitter.

Twitter is one of the most interesting social media platforms with millions of users globally. Twitter users visit the platform for different reasons, Some visit the platform to be updated on trending issues, others visit for Sports news, entertainment news, Jokes, and many others.

When it comes to Ghana Twitter, hundreds of thousands of users visit the platform for several reasons and some of these influencers on the platform really make one’s experience on the platform a unique one.

One of such influencers in Ghana as we speak is OPRESII. His real name is Abdul-Hamid Alhassan and one particular thing that social media users on Twitter know him for is his wordplay.

The wordplay and puns of Opresii are really what most of these users visit Twitter for since they find massive joy when reading such tweets.

In an exclusive with, he had this to share;

“Growing up I loved Rap music so I listened to a lot of Rap Music and tried to lip sync to most of these songs. When I got to Senior High school I fell so much in love with Lil Wayne’s music and started listening to him 24/7 on my mp3 audio player.

I got inspired by his creativity and Wordplay to the extent that anytime I heard a random word I tried to play with that particular word by trying to rhyme it with other words. After learning about Literary devices in my English class my wordplay got better and has been with me ever since.

I didn’t Pursue my dream of becoming a rapper because I lost interest along the way but the wordplay has always remained with me. A lot of people love it when I play with words on Twitter and that makes me so happy to see people loving it. I’ll keep cracking my brain to give my followers top-notch wordplay and creative tweets.”