According to the “Juice” hitmaker. people must be willing to marry people who will put them at the top of their lives and prioritize them in all their endeavors instead of people who will just watse their time and subject them to emotional torture.

He made this known in reaction to a beautiful love message penned down by the Nigerian life coach, Solomon Buchi to his fiancee, telling her how much he cherishes and loves her even though she is not the perfect woman in the world.

YCee registered his displeasure in the message Solomon Buchi wrote for his fiancee, saying that it was needless for him to have hinted on his woman’s flaws and incapableness all in the name of showing her love.

YCee means to say that Solomon Buchi did not prioritize his woman and never placed her above his world, hence his message.

He wrote; You people should marry someone that likes you and sees you as the number 1 person in the world because what even in the fuck is this message”.

See the screenshot below: