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Married Woman Explains Why She Allows Her Husband To Have Side Chicks



A married woman reportedly known as Naa has shared her reason for consenting to his husband’s move of having extramarital affairs.

Naa who spoke to Kojo Yankson and Mamavi Owusu Aboagye on Joy FM’s ‘Super Morning show’ monitored by lamented over how burdensome marriage is therefore, she has to appreciate it when someone wants to come in to help her ease off the load in marriage.

She revealed that she knows her husband’s side chick and she appreciates the work the side chick is doing for her husband who lives abroad.

“You’re working the whole day, you have to deal with the kids, you probably won’t be available to do what you have to do or need to do. If there’s somebody on the side who is going to help you out, yay!” 

“I know her. Her name is Minerva. There are stuffs that he would want to do that I would never do. There are things in bed I would never do. I would never turn my backside for you. I would never do that. I can’t do anal sex. So, if somebody would do it and it’s safe, why not? I am assuming she does that because he has been with her for a while”. She explained.

“I am the Mrs, I am the one he comes home to, I am the one he runs to, why should I be jealous? Humans are built not to like just one thing. Variety. So, spice it up,” she advised.

“I remember I once called my husband. In fact, my husband and my boyfriend as well. I called him and I said master If you see a girl, she says she is attracted to you, why not? I give him license.”