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Married man slumps after finding out his wife owns their family house



A Zambian man identified as Martin Sampa allegedly became unconscious after he discovered that his wife is his landlady.

Local news reports that the couple have been living in the apartment for 15 years and Sampa has been paying monthly rent of 3500 kwacha (N90,000) to the owner.

It was also gathered that he gives the money to his wife known as Lushomo, who then takes it to the ‘landlord’ to pay their rent.

He did not realise that the owner of the house all along had been the woman he married, but the discovery came when Lushomo learned that Sampa was having an extramarital affair.

A fight broke out and Sampa is said to have admitted to cheating, but he defended his action by explaining that he got a mistress because he wanted someone with whom he could have intelligent discussion.

Angered by this, his wife decided to confess and she accused Martin of lacking sense because he had been paying rent even though the house they have been living in for years belong to her.

He doubted her claim so she showed him the deeds of the house, which shocked him so much that he slumped. Residents poured buckets of water on Sampa in a bid to revive him.

Similarly, a Twitter user took to the microblogging site to reveal how a man found out his wife was secretly building a house.

@ThatUrhoboGirl said she overhead the married man narrating his unbelievable situation while she was eating at a restaurant.

According to her, the husband had suspicions about his partner’s movement so on one fateful day he quietly trailed her until she got to the place where the house is being built.

The discovery rendered him speechless after returning home but after the most shocking part was that his wife came back home and continued acting normal like nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

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