Crossdresser Bobrisky has replied to all those curious to know when he will get married saying marriage is not in his dictionary as small olosho is still in his blood.


Bobrisky is gradually getting old and some netizens are wondering when he will go back to default and get married to have a family as the man he is and he has replied to their curiosity saying marriage is not in his dictionary.

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According to him, no one should ask him when he wants to get married because he wants to be chilling with the billionaires and moreover, small olosho is still inside his blood hence he has no plans of giving up such for marriage.

Adding that all those wanting to get married can be getting married and be sending him invites so he will come and eat rice at their wedding but as for him, marriage is not in his own dictionary at the moment since he wants to enjoy life as a single.

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Bobrisky is still a man but has been lying to himself claiming to be a woman since he’s eager to become a woman and we wonder when he finally decides to get married, will he be marrying as the man that he is or the woman he’s trying to be.

Small olosho still they my blood 😂
You all can be getting married no problem, sha be inviting me let me come and be eating rice.
Marriage is not in my own dictionary at the moment

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