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Man wins cash prize after swallowing 10 wraps of fufu in 10 minutes (Video)



An able-bodied Nigerian man has gone home a winner and N10,000 richer after emerging champion at a food eating contest.

He finished eating 10 wraps of a local African delicacy known as fufu with a plate of soul all within a space of 10 minutes.

The man amazed spectators as he munched the meal with passion and haste while competing very fiercely with another man who was able to finish nine wraps within the given time.

Content creator, Mariam Oyakhilome who organised the competition on the streets, shared the video on her Instagram page.

It showed how the champion swallowed the fufu lumps as if they ere pebbles. Interestingly, his opponent was equally very challenging as he kept up with the winner’s pace for long, but at some point when his stomach felt full, the man slowed down.

A lot of people gathered to watch the show hailed the man when he was done. They raised his hands after he emrged as the eventual winner.

Watch the video below:


Finish 10 fufu in 10 minutes 😂

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In reaction, @user5108369678359joy vera said: The man wan go faint outside.

@Ibuowo Kazeem commented: I know someone that can finish 16 fufu.

@ladyp said: I know a girl dat finished 10 fufu in 6mins, without drinking water.”

@Raph_Jayy said: I swear that guy no go balance this night.

@user86123649213388; I dey one side dey swallow spit woo.

@qweku Yaro asked: Which type of fufu is that?? Talking as a Ghanaian.