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Man who relocated to Finland offers to help 20 Nigerians travel abroad



A Nigerian man simply known as Abiola, has raised the hopes of his countrymen after he made a post many have been wishing to see.

He relocated to Finland over one year ago, and felt the need to help others access the same opportunities he was fortunate to tap into.

Abiola offered to assist 20 persons to migrate to the European country in celebration of the one-year anniversary of his relocation.

In a series of tweets on Wenesday, he revealed that the offer is for those who wish to be in Finland by August 2023.

The young man gave some guides that interested persons would be expected to take into consideration during the application process.

In his words; ”Today makes it exactly a year since I moved to Finland. From now, I am willing to assist 20 people who are interested to come to Finland in August 2023 as well.

Route: Affordable Education

Bachelors, Masters or PhD.

My service is to help you decide to come to Finland and provide you with the necessary guidelines to aid your plans.

If coming for Msc, now is the right time to plan to write IELTS. for Bachelor’s degree there is no need to 5. Joint applications start in January, 2022

I can only advise based on your interest in going through the study route, I do not know about work or any other route.

For MSc, writing IELTS would increase your chances of applying to different schools, application is free of charge.

Yes, you can come with your family, if you have the funds to take care of them at the time you apply for the Finnish RP. There are other benefits attached to coming with your family, but we will discuss them later.”

Some persons however expressed fears that it may be a scheme to scam or traffic people.

@igbokwe_mma; Just one year and u want to start scamming people , what do u know about Finland in one year ? Do you even ur way around ? Oh please leave people alone .

@danmewo96; Someone who just got his visa is knowledgeable enough to guide prospective applicants. He’s not promising to teach you how to land an airplane at the Finnish airport.

@Dat_shortguy; I don’t know if you actually doubt your brain after reading all these your tweets. My friend that just got to UK this week his guide was one of our friend that entered UK this year January.

@OlamibodeAB; Finland is Great. I’ve been trying Sweden previously but been rejected by 4 schools including Lund. The only help I need from you sir is to email your PhD proposal to me. The one that got you in. I think that’s where I’m failing right now. Thanks.

@jumbug62; Search the internet for samples of PhD proposals within your field or you can also look for lecturers here in Nigeria within your sector that could assist you with your proposal. On LinkedIn, check profiles of Africans in academia within your field and reach out to them. Cheers!