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Man takes to his heels to escape being beaten by his lover’s main boyfriend (Video)



A video circulating on social media shows the moment a lady was begging her boyfriend after he caught her with another man.

They were creating a scene in public as the main boyfriend tried to pounce on the side boyfriend but the girlfriend put herself in between them.

On seeing that she held her boyfriend back from laying hands on him, the side boyfriend quickly took to his heels.

A neighbour who recorded the incident implied that the lady has been cheating for long and he had a feeling that she would be caught someday.

Watch the video below:

In other news, an abroad-based Nigerian woman has narrated how she found out from a neighbour that her husband was cheating having an affair.

The woman said she was informed by an white neighbour that a mysterious girl posing as a nanny always visits their matrimonial home whenever only her hubby is around.

According to the young mother, the visitation usually happens few minutes after she must have left for work in the morning.

In order to catch her hubby in the act, the woman deviced a smart plan and executed it with smoothness. On one fateful days she pretended as if she was going to work except that she stayed around the corner.

The wife waited for a while before going back home and while at the door, she dialled her husband’s number but it didn’t go through. She then noted that it was a sign something was off because he doesn’t turn off his phone.

The woman proceeded to ring the doorbell but nobody opened the door, although she maintained that her husband is inside the house.

The video she shared captured the moment she made a move to catch her hubby red-handed.

“One of my neighbours ask me whether I get person wey dey help me carry my children. I say no I no get. So she talk say one girl dey come my house after I go work. You know say oyinbo their house no dey close. So now I wan see wetin dey happen myself”, she said.