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Man stopped by police over expired papers inspects police vehicle and discovers their licence has also expired



A South African medical doctor identified as Mike Klipin reportedly put officers of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department in a state of befuddlement during a stop and search.

Blogger, Simelane Zatu revealed that policeman stopped Klipin while he was driving in Johburg and they asked to see his papers.

It was discovered that he was driving with expired papers and they attempted to take him to the station, but he had other plans to wriggle himself out of the situation.

Dr Klipin checked the police bus to confirm if their own licence was up to date but he saw that theirs had also expired.

Simelane reshared photos which had been taken by the doctor and it showed when a police officer was looking through his papers.

Another image showed when he took a closer look at the police vehicle license which is mandatorily placed on the windscreen for verification by citizens.

He wrote; ”I’m sorry, but this is so funny to me! Mikey Klipin, got stopped by the JMPD for an expired license disc. So he decided to go look at theirs and guess what…same WhatsApp group”

In other news, a Nigerian man has shared a video of him making a mockery of a police officer who apparently could not read.

He revealed that the officer stopped his car at a checkpoint and asked for the vehicle’s valid documents.

He accidentally gave the policeman his boy’s school papers in place of the necessary documents but the security personnel could not tell.

In the video the young man posted, the officer could be seen glancing through the papers as if he was crosschecking that they were up to date.

The motorist laughed at him for not realising that he was holding school papers. He said that after five minutes of reading through, the policeman handed the paper back to him and allowed him to go.


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