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Man scared as he finds charm hidden under tiles of apartment he rented in Lagos



Nigerian social media influencer and entrepreneur, Cross has revealed what he found hidden in an apartment space in Lagos.

The tweep said he just rented the place and decided to break the tiles to refloor it only for the tiler to find a fetish substance underneath.

Cross shared photos of the ‘juju’ looking item which he said was sent to him by the worker.

He asked the facility manager about it and he was told that a woman who lived there before the last occupant is the one who buried it. He then asked social media users for advice on what he should do.

Cross tweeted; ”Took a space in Lagos recently, didn’t like the flooring, so I decided to break the tiles and add flooring amongst the renovation I was doing there. My tiler sent me these images yesterday. Said he found them buried under the tiles😩😩

Asked the facility manager and they said twas a woman that left before the last guy that used the space. Advice? If you can, always renovate. Change the floor and the POP. Humans are weird in this part of the country. It’s fine if you don’t believe in juju and stuff tho.”

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Twitter users gave suggestions to him and even shared past experiences with similar discovery.

@insanespotter; The charm is for the owner to get frustrated and leave the land or shop after a year.. So the landlord or owner can keep increasing the rent.. Lagos Landlord do this a lot… The last one i saw at my mum’s shop we burn am o… The man nearly die 😂.

@stephen_tomoni; I can confirm this is true.. An agent where i stayed in Ibadan last year use to do this thing. There’s no tenant in that house that stays more than a year. 2 years maximum. You go just dey fall sick anyhow, different things go dey do you.. Omo life is weird mehn

@zenmagafrica; One reality in this life is wicked people are everywhere. No matter how good you are, there will always be wicked people. Even within your circle of friends… one or two people don’t like you. Thanks for sharing this

@khanofkhans11_; Reminds me of a shop my mom rented one time at ikotun. While they were fixing the floor they figured a spot was sounding like a vacuum when they hit it. They dug it and found a small pot inside.

@dammiedammie35; I’m not against anybody’s belief but if you must do this shii , make sure it’s your own private space, not the house you’ll rent out. That’s how you’ll see someone move into an apartment comfortably with 2cars and leave there with Okada. Awon Ashiere landlord 😒

@Kinzuah; I moved into an apartment in Ikorodu with personal two cars, it took very serious spiritual battle for me to be able to pack out with an official car. I only always had enough to pay the rent and feed half-decently. Coincidence? Now I’m back to two personal cars.

@ani_berny; Mum had similar case, always running into losses, my dad even supported to pump money, there were many termites holes so she decided to put tiles, the landlady refused still mum went ahead. They dugged out many charms, mum fell very ill, the landlady died and her children

@ani_berny; Said on their mother’s dying bed she blamed my mum for killing her, and that the charm was to protect her from evil tenants. The matter reach court self. My mum nearly died if not for God. Lagos and their fetishstuff. Till today no one rents that shop and last up to 3 years.