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Man raises alarm after finding out his brother’s face can also unlock his iPhones



A Nigerian man has called maker of iPhone for having poor facial lock security for their mobile devices.

He revealed that his brother’s face can open all the iPhones that he owns and he urged Apple to look into the security flaw.

The young man shared a video to demonstrate how his brother was able to open his iPhone 12 Pro Max despite the fact that he activated just his face to unlock the device.

He showed one after the other how he activated the single face screen lock for his two phone only for his sibling’s face to unlock it so easitly.

Watch the video below:

Interestingly, many social media users stated that they experience same and there is no cause for alarm as members of ther family can also unlock their phones with their face.

realestt_rasta; Brother its good that at least someone can open your fone , What if something happens to you and they need some information from your phone , Brother someone needs to have access to your phone

beinganiceguywontgetyoucoochie; My babe papa face Dey open my phone 😂😂😂😂

esther____otabor; 😂😂😂I can open my twin sister’s fone with Face ID

donzingvibes; Oga i dey use Samsung but na same thing about this face security let not pretend another person can still open Samsung with different face your may want to ask me how i know i tried to used face security on my Samsung but Samsung warned me that face security is not that secure that is 90% sure that other face can open my phone too

olu__wo_le; In some cases like this the phone can open with Face ID whenever the another person input your password

lola_special; Same way my kid sis also open my phone wit Face ID 😂but we look alike 😂😂😂😂

_.bukunmii; na apple we go still use 😂 make armed robber face dey open am

Samsung that would deny your own face 😂😂😂 it’s can never be Samsung 👏

gaga_jess; My sister’s face unlocks my phone

ijesaekun; Is like nobody tell this nigga how Dey both look alike same brother also. 😂😂😂

CorrectNG reported earlier that a National Youth Service Corps member, simply known as Oguka has narrated how thieves wiped his account clean.

He revealed that thieves stole his phone and withdrew every single kobo in his main account as well as the account he is using to receive his NYSC allowance.

Ogbuka said that they did not stop there as they also used his phone to request a loan from his bank.

According to him, this all happened last week and he was been left distraught stranded as a result of the criminal act.

The corper further revealed that they created a palm pay account and withdrew all his money through using his phone.

He wrote; “My phone was stolen..They withdrew everything I have in my main account and nysc bank account. They even took loan with my bank account. These guys are heartless and wicked. The person created a palm pay account with my phone number and withdrew my money. Lol..Happened last week”.