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Man queried for gifting his female bestie iPhone XS Max whereas his girlfriend uses iPhone 6



A Nigerian man has been berated by his friend who feels he is not behaving like someone that appreciates his girlfriend.

In a video posted online, the friend asked him why he allows his girlfriend to continue using an iPhone 6 instead of upgrading it for her.

He further wondered how the guy’s bestie is using iPhone XS Max which he bought for her, whereas he could not do same for his woman.

The friend teased him about his decision to prioritize pampering his bestie over his girl, and the guy playfully tried to hit him.

Watch the clip HERE

Reacting, cruiseloaded wrote; Some boys no get sense tho

iamdestiny_chase; Bestie know her job now

only1_kenyar; Justice for main babe

b___goddess___; Nah the gf mumu cause she suppose get her own bestie
Anyway abeg i dey find bestie

rocknationng1; Buy for whoever gives you joy , who is gonna be in your corner when you need help. Do whatever makes you happy , you are an adult.


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