A Nigerian man reportedly died whilst participating in a drinking competition in Nigeria on December 26.


According to a Twitter user known as Joseph Barnabas, the man lost his life whilst competing for the cash prize of N20,000 which is equivalent to 300 Ghana cedis.

Joseph Barbanas claimed the man who was leading his competitors in the drinking competition had taken his first, second, third and fourth bottle of gin and immediately after taking the fourth one, he died on the spot and this unfortunate incident happened yesterday.

In his words, “A drinking competition was held in my area yesterday, 4bottles of gin n get 20k, d guy on his 4th one died on d spot.. sad!!!!!”

In other news, Ghanaian actress and television presenter, Xandy Kamel has issued a warning to her friends and those close to her never to mention the name of her estranged husband, Kaninja, in her presence.

This comes after a friend of her mentioned her ex-husband’s name in front of her whilst she was happily filming Tracey Boakye’s new house praying to own a house like that.

Xandy Kamel’s facial expression immediately changed after she heard the sound of her estranged husband’s name as her friend said Kaninja can build better house than that.

The Angel TV presenter warned her friend and threatened to lay a curse on his life if he dares say the name of her estranged husband ever again in her presence.

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