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Mainstream media hardly report good things about me – Davido bares his heart



Nigerian superstar singer, David Adeleke alias Davido, has bared his heart out in a lengthy post on Instagram about how he is being painted in a bad light by mainstream media.

The DMW boss said that he is shrouded in controversies because the mainstream media have formed a habit of reporting and publishing negative things about him.

Davido said that he has worked really hard and put in a lot of effort to achieve the success he boasts of today but he is always compated with other great artistes in Nigeria.

According to the Afrobeats maestro, he chose to be the bigger man on numerous occasions and make attempts to mend fences with people that have been termed his enemies despite most of them being older than him.

He also gave himself accolades for giving up and coming artistes opportunity to thrive in the entertainment industry despite the deliberate attempt to malign him.

Davido further said that he would have quit music if not for his love for musical culture and the people that continue to show him support.
He declared words of affirmation about being bigger spiritually, in talent and size than anyone could ever imagine.

Davido wrote; ”A lot of controversies have been set around this Legend and you almost never hear or read anything good about him on mainstream media outlets, a lot of tools have been put in place to discourage him and hold him back. He is the only Nigerian artiste that almost every other Successful and great artiste in the Nigerian music industry have either been compared to or formed formed against.

He has maned up several times to work things out with people the media have made his enemies despite being the little one by age. Stood strong and held so many youngsters hands to success in the industry. If not of this guys love for musical culture, if not for his devotion that he has never denied; if not of the love he has for the people that support him, if he wasn’t born for this thing, he would have quit a long time ago.

This guy is Bigger in Size, Heart, Mind, Spiritually and in Talent more than we would ever imagine. Give him his flowers now. Give him his Kingship now. Honour, and protect him now.


See his post below: