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LYRICS: Fetty Wap – That’s Facts



Mm-mm, yeah (Haha, Wavvy)
Uh, mm-mm, yeah, baby (Ooh, baby)
Mm-mm-mhm (Yeah, ay, I like it)

Is he a trapper or rapper or both if he ain’t no popstar (Baby)
I been quiet and doing the most for I really trying for hard (Yeah, babe)
They all ask me to spit my pain, well bitch this it, mm (Well, bitch this it)
I put me family on my back, that’s regular shit, ay (Yeah, babe)
I put my hood on the map, whatcha know about that, ay? (Whatcha know about that?)
I been serving since a youngin, whatcha know about crack, ay? (Whatcha know about crack?)
I was right on 22nd, whatcha know about facts, ay? (Yeah, babe)
I got the money, couldn’t save it, I couldn’t stack, ay
Started rapping, I got lit and that was that, ay (And that was that)
Started rapping, I got rich and that was that, ay (Yeah)
I did everything I said and that was facts, ay (Yeah)
If I’m lying then point out where I capped, ay (Yeah, babe)
I got real ones who gon’ ride ’til win chain, ay (‘Til win chain)
Where I’m from it’s ’bout respect in your name, ay (In your name, babe)
If yo shit don’t hold no weight, you a lame, ay (You a lame)
I got killers that still sittin’ in the cage, ay (Yeah, babe)
I been crossed so many times, I don’t feel no pain, ay (I don’t feel no pain)
I got low, I mean so low I ain’t feel a thing, ay (Feel a thing, yeah)
It was dark but I seen sunlight through the rain, ay (Through the rain)
Took some time but that’s that struggle and the pain, ay (Yeah, babe)
Had to get back to the gutter to understand, ay (Understand)
I’m still my mama baby boy but I’m the man, ay (I’m the man)
I got kids that count on me, fuck a friend, ay (Fuck a friend)
Had to really take a loss to understand, ay (Yeah, babe)
It’s only you that’s gon’ be there, nigga, when everybody leave
I keep my pistol so beware, nigga, don’t run up on me
I’m in my hood soon as I hit the town, this shit don’t make no sense
They tell me, “Leave,” I always ask ’em why I don’t get love like this, Yeah, baby
Ay, never fold, ay (I never fold)
Always stood up on my team, I never told, ay (Ay, mm, I never told)
I ran it up, ay (I ran it up)
I played it smart, ay (I played it smart, ay)
I got some money with some niggas and did my part, ay (Yeah, baby)
Some call me stupid (Some call me stupid)
Most call me start, ay (Call me smart)
Where I’m from, when I go I’ma leave a mark, ay (I’ma leave a mark, babe)
I love my lil ones (Love my lil ones)
Ay, they got my heart, ay (They got my heart)
They the only reason I come out the dark, baby, baby (Ay, ay, yeah, babe)
Shit is stressing, ay (Shit is stressing)
Just keep it cool, ay (Just keep it cool, ay)
Get your money baby, just do what you do (Do what you do)
I go up a level (Go up a level)
And she go up too (She go up to, yeah, hm)
Ay, and don’t you let ’em ’cause they roll it up on you, yeah, baby

Oo-oh (Oo-oh)
Oo-oh, babe (Oo-oh)
Oo-ohhh (Ay)
Oo-oh, (Oo-oh) oo-oh, (Oo-oh)
Oo-ohh-oh-oh-oh-oh, babe
Hm, yeah, Big Zoovie