Rudeboy of P-Square has advised men not to be swayed away by the saying of ladies that little thing matters because it’s a set-up from them as nothing is never enough for them.


Rudeboy for some reason decided to give relationship advice asking men not to be swayed away by the sweet talk of ladies who tell them the little things they do for them in a relationship matters because it’s a set-up from them.

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According to him, if you buy a lady gala on her birthday, the issue isn’t settled despite telling you that the little things you do in a relationship matters but it clearly doesn’t matter to them since it’s just a set-up from them.

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Rudeboy seems to have experienced this from a lady and that’s why he decided to warn guys not to take that saying seriously because it’s only a set-up from the ladies as nothing you get or give them is ever enough for them.

Sometimes the little things you do for your lady are enough for that lady but others only say that to be getting your attention always but Rudeboy has generalized his post insinuating that every lady that uses such phrase ‘little things matters’ is only setting the guy up.

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