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Little boy stops crying and starts singing the moment he hears Burna Boy’s song



A little Nigerian boy has been captured on camera making a surprising switch from crying to singing a song.

He as crying on his bed when Burna Boy’s song, Last Last song came on and he immediately stopped wailing.

The boy’s emotion changed from sadness to happiness and he started singing the song to the best of his knowledge of the lyrics.

His parent who shared the video thanked Burna Boy for bringing peace and tranquility to the home as his song helped to stop the child from crying.

”Wait for it… Thanks to Burna Boy now I have peace in my house”, the caption reads.

Watch the video below:

Similarly, American rapper, Bobby Shmurda has gotten the internet buzzing with mixed reactions after he showed that he is a fan of Nigerian singer, Burna Boy.

A video making the rounds online captures him singing along to Burna’s global hit song, Last Last off his Love, Damini album.

Bobby Shmurda attempted singing the song word-for-word from the beginning to the end but it was a bit of a struggle to get the lyrics though he started well.

The 28-year-old rapper took to his Instagram page to upload a video of him singing the African Giant’s Last Last.

He hinted that he had no idea what Burna Boy was saying but he loves the track and anytie he hears it play he keeps trying to get the lyrics and sing it correctly.

Bobby wrote: “Who else love this song but don’t know what this mf saying but Everytime this bit*ch come on I keep trying I’m gett it one”.

Reacting, @beautar_mike wrote; How the heck is this a musician 😁

dannyyungl; Wat you sayin’ bro😂😂

simfromthehill; nah nigga u ain’t even try 😭

1mz_bee; Once that hand went UP I knew he meant business 😩💀💀

ji_like_slim2; I came to the conclusion that he don’t want to rap he just wana be rich and have clout

ceoromebanks; My nigga you finna take over the work no kizzy 🐐🐐

@an_binu; How the heck do you expect him sing with Nigeria accent and language.