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Little boy seeks permission from girlfriend’s dad to take her on date (Video)



A video which has gone viral captures the moment a little boy decided to meet his girlfriend’s father for the first time.

He stormed the girl’s family house and surprised her dad by asking to take the little girl out on a date.

In a video posted online, when he knocked on the man’s door and it opened, the boy requested to see the little girl identified as Zizi.

When the father asked the kid why he thinks he deserved to take his daughter out, the bold child girl stated proudly and confidently that he is a good boy.

The boy went on to promise that he would ensure she is back home before 8 O’clock in the night so girl’s father released his daughter and asked him to keep to his promise.

Watch the video below:

In other similar news, a five-year-old boy went viral after he gave presents to a girl in his class whom he’s crushing on, on February 14 which is Valentine’s Day.

The boy wore a smart suit and tie to visit the girl’s home where he wished her a happy valentine and gifted her a bouquet of flowers together with a toy pony.

A video showed the boy handing over the gifts to the girl in her parents presence while his own mother was in the background recording him.

After his crush known as Laila accepted the gifts, he stepped back briefly for her to admire them and later entered the house to hug her.

Watch video below: