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Lady withdrawn from OAU in 2016 for poor performance enrolls in Bowen and emerges best graduating student



A Nigerian lady has shared an inspiring story of how she overcame the odds before her and wrote her name in gold in the history book of Bowen University, Iwo.

The young woman identified as Ibukunoluwo Areo graduated with a first-class degree and took home a cash prize of N400k in the process.

But her story was not always rosy and blissful as she had been withdrawn from Obafemi Awolowo University in 2016 due to poor performance.

She enrolled into Bowen University after several trials and failures, and eventually graduated with several awards on her collar.

Ibukun took to social media to celebrate her academic milestone with beautiful photos from the convocation ceremony.

Taking to LinkedIn, she wrote; ”When life throws lemons at you, sit still and make lemonades out of it. This sounds sweet, sharp and sleek but in reality, it’s a tough battle of the mind. I’ve pondered endlessly on how best to put my academic journey into words…

In 2016, I was withdrawn from OAU due to poor academic performance.

In 2017, I wrote my first Cambridge A level exam, I did not fail, but my grade was not enough to gain admission.

In 2018, I wrote Cambridge exam again and passed, but didn’t gain admission into University of Ibadan due to issue with subject combination.

In 2019, I resumed as a Direct entry student at Bowen University and all I wanted was to obtain first class honors and graduate, but I met people who knew better and wanted more than good grades. I was surprised and decided to follow them.

In 2020, I chose growth over mediocrity. It stretched me beyond my imagination, but I knew it was a seed sowing season.

After 3 years of building brick upon brick, I am proud to say that I graduated:

1. With a first class honors degree in Economics

2. As the Best graduating student in my Program with a CGPA of 4.84/5

3. As the Best graduating student in my College

4. As the 3rd overall best graduating student in the 2020/2021 set

In addition to my academic success, I served in various leadership capacities, the highest of which was being the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the school for 1 day.

I am eternally grateful to God for grace, strength, provision and the special gift of family, friends & people who stood by me up to this point. It’s harder to place a bet on someone who has failed before.

I’m also grateful for the platforms that I served on that gave me pictures of how life looks outside the school walls. (NESA Bowen & Bowen Finance Society among others). It’s not the end yet, the journey of growth continues.

My first book titled: “Get up and fight” is still in the works” Watch this space for it. I hope it inspires someone to keep fighting for what they want.

Cheers to many more years of growth.”




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