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Lady goes gaga as boyfriend proposes during her birthday thanksgiving in church (Video)



A Nigerian lady reacted ecstatically because her boyfriend decided to propose marriage to her in a memorable.

It was a double celebratory moment for her as the guy popped the four-word question while doing her birthday thanksgiving in church.

He first showered his girlfriend with money and presented a frame to her in front of the church.

As she was still reeling in excitement over his gesture, the guy brought out a ring and went on his knees to ask her to be his wife.

When she saw him kneeling down, the feeling was indescribable and she went into a frenzy. The lady laid down flat on the floor and refused to stand up.

Watch the video below:

In other news, it was earlier reported that drama and confusion occured at a church in Oyo when a senior pastor engaged a young lady during a programme.

The head pastor reportedly proposed marriage to the girlfriend of his assistant pastor and it caused murmurs among members of the church

According to reports, the lady in question has been dating the assistant pastor and head pastor but neither of them knew about the other.

It was gathered that the lady is also the choir mistress of the church.

During a church programme, the clergyman decided to surprise her by proposing to her, but the assistant was present.

He brought out a ring from his pocket and went down on one knee to ask for her hand in marriage. She said Yes and stretched her hand for the senior cleric to put the ring.

On seeing her accept the proposal, the assistant cleric passed out on the pulpit. He was later revived by some men and the reason for his collapse was discovered by the senior pastor.

Photos which made the rounds online captured the moment the pastor was proposing to the lady while his assistant was fainting in the background.