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Lady flies in from Turkey to console her bestie’s man after finding out they broke up



A man has narrated how a lady swiftly moved in to claim a spot after her bestfriend and boyfriend’s relationship crashed.

The narrator known as @TheRealShangaan on Twitter is a friend to the boyfriend in question and he revealed that the guy broke up with his girlfriend.

According to the him, the girlfriend’s best friend flew in from Turkey just to be with the man and offer him moral support while trying to recover from the breakup.

It was also reported that she has been cooking and cleaning for her bestie’s man while staying with him.

@TheRealShangaan also revealed that the man is from a family that has generational wealth.

The tweet reads; ”My boy broke up with his girl and his girl best friend flew from Turkey to come stay with him and be there for him. The devil works hard but women work harder😭😭”

When @AdelesBabyDaddy wrote; you gotta respect the grind

@TheRealShangaan said; Bro I’m told she’s doing the cooking & cleaning too. Unreal work ethic

Another tweep commented; @LethuTheLegend; how long is that bag !? because no fuckin way and @TheRealShangaan replied; Generational.