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Lady flaunts foreign currency someone’s boyfriend gave her for visiting him



A young Nigerian woman has gone online to proudly show off the money she received from another girl’s boyfriend who invited her to his place.

She said the guy asked her to come over for ‘Neftlix and Chill’ so she did and when she was leaving, he gave her foreign currency.

When she reached her home, the pretty lady showed the notes she went away with and explained that they only watched a Netflix film and nothing else.

She then mocked other girls by saying that they should continue doing love stuff instead of demanding money from men.

While still flaunting the notes, she said that if they continue fooling themselves that way, they will remain broke.

Watch the video below:

Similarly, CorrectNG reported how a young lady was warned by her sugar daddy not to ever go back to her boyfriend because he is poor and cannot take care of her like he can.

He warned the mistress in a video which has gone viral while spoiling her with bundles of money for her personal use.

The sugar daddy could be seen handing her the cash and stating things she should use each f the stacks for, ranging from her hair, clothe.

He also gave her some to buy a car nd pay her school fees as he urged the young lady to appreciate his gesture by saying; ‘Thank you.’

He said that he never wants to see her go back to her broke boyfriend and she should henceforth stop dating men who are broke.

The man further asked her to smile, jump up and dance in jubilation, but she only smiled and did none of the other things he instructed.

In the video which was shared on TikTok by @kalipuso, the side chic could be seen admiring the huge chunk of cash in her hand.