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Lady drops her child in salon and removes wedding ring to go collect money from her ex



A Nigerian lady identified as Josephine has narrated what a married woman did in a bid to collect money from her ex, that raised questions.

She revealed that the woman took her baby to a salon and dropped the child there with the intention of coming back later.

Her ex-boyfriend apparently promised her N100,000 but he did not know she was married, so she had to present herself as a single woman.

According to Josephine, the married lady removed her wedding ring in the salon because she did not want her ex to know she has a husband.

The narrator works as a promoter for salons in the state, said the woman’s action left her in shick.

She wrote; ”So 1 woman came to drop her baby with her friend in the salon then removed her ring,She said her ex asked her to come and collect 100k that’s he doesn’t know she’s married 😳 I was so shocked .”

In reaction, @othamm; Take 23hour 60minutes to fear woman

@agbidi_charles; We suppose to dey celebrate “happy fear women’s day”

@MrBayo_BY; And you think she’s going to come out Scott free after 100k 😏 Bae shey you dey whine mhi ni😂

@Ayidolad; With the way things are going …we will invent a day in a year “WORLD WOMEN FEARING DAY” with fasting and prayer.

@onyibrowny; Wonders! Can we allow ex to be ex and face front?

@maskmanoyebamy; Make government give us two days in a week make we dey use am fear woman.


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